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Phaztech is proud of its ability to provide a very high level of customer satisfaction while maintaining competive prices.
Take a look at our shop. You'll find some of the newest and best equipment in the market today.

Our Brown and Sharpe 2000R CMM provides fast and accurate cross checking. We can reverse engineer complex shapes if necessary.

The Agie 150 HSS wire EDM can handle complex geometry with 4 axis control. It provides an excellent finish on carbide, copper, steel, stainless and ferro-tech at up to 30 degree tapers.


Take a look at our brand NEW Mori-Seiki SL-253 lathe! It boasts 10 tool stations and live tooling.

This is our new Agie Cut Classic 2S wire EDM machine


Our Mori-Seiki, 3-axis machining center can handle 30 tools and has a high speed mold package.

We have the latest version of MasterCAM. Send us your files in DWG, DXF OR IGES format!


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